The McGrath Response System thoroughly addresses Title VI (discrimination based on race, color, and national origin), Title VII (sexual harassment in employment) and Title IX (discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in education), in addition to intake and investigation of bullying concerns. It covers student-to-student, student-to-staff, staff-to-staff, and staff-to-student issues and is complaint with the new Title IX Final Rule. Schools need to ensure that employees are trained so that those with authority to address harassment, misconduct, discrimination and bullying know how to respond appropriately, and other responsible employees know that they are obligated to report to appropriate school officials. Failing to identify, report, and investigate these behaviors can result in great harm to the students and staff and expose the district and the individual to legal liability.

Training Options




Meet your Title IX responsibilities by training a minimum of 50% of your staff each year to ensure they know how to respond to concerns and how to file a report. Participants will learn how to identify the early warning signs of behaviors such as sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and bullying and how to make a report.


All school employees.


New Title IX Final Rule requires a minimum of 50% of staff to be trained each year. 


Comply with Title IX regulations and ensure that employees know how to recognize harassment, misconduct, discrimination and bullying and how to respond appropriately.


90 minutes Online, with 1 or multiple seats

90 minutes In Person, with 1 or multiple seats.


Participants will receive a certification for their course completion and CEUs may be offered. Participants will be knowledgeable in the following:

  • Definitions and examples of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and bullying (adult-to-student, student-to-student, student-to-adult)

  • Recognize common behaviors that may be questionable and should be avoided

  • How to identify early warning signs

  • How to identify and respond to behaviors that appears to cross the line or makes them uncomfortable

  • How and what to report to appropriate authorities



The Intake and Investigation Course provides everything administrators need to confidently take a complaint through its entire lifecycle (inquiry, full investigation and hearing). Conducting a thorough investigation and properly documenting findings can help stop the harm and reduce district liability in potential lawsuits.


The certification is designed for 

  • administrators 

  • complaint managers

  • human resource directors

  • school counselors

  • risk managers


Ensure that "Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-makers, and anyone who facilitates an informal resolution process" are compliant with Title IX Final Rule and know how to respond appropriately.


10 hrs Online, with 1 or multiple seats

Two-day training program In Person, with 1 or multiple seats.


Participants who successfully complete the Intake and Investigation Course receive a certificate of completion that they are compliant with the new Title IX Final Rule and are knowledgeable about the following:

  • The role and responsibilities of school administrators and the site-level complaint manager.

  • Proactive approaches to warning signs and rumors,

  • How to track and respond to rumors and patterns of victimization,

  • How to conduct an environmental scan of the school population to identify multiple victims and witnesses

  • How to conduct effective interviews,

  • A complete system of legally fit procedures for investigation and documentation,

  • Sensitivity to and appropriate interaction with the alleged victims, perpetrators, witnesses, community members and media during an investigation




The 18-hour McGrath Instructor Certification Course certifies you to investigate complaints of bullying, sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination and to deliver the  McGrath Intake and Investigation Course, and the 90-minute Staff Awareness training, within your organization and beyond.


The certification is designed for 

  • administrators 

  • complaint managers

  • human resource directors

  • school counselors

  • risk managers


gain in-depth knowledge of the legally fit and educationally sound handling of situations, from assessment through investigation, including how to instruct others in the approach.


18 hrs Online, with 1 or multiple seats

Three-day training program In Person, with 1 or multiple seats.


Participants who successfully complete the program become “Certified McGrath Response System Instructors” and are authorized by McGrath Training Solutions to conduct in-house training and provide coaching for district administrators within their own organizations under a four-year McGrath License and Confidentiality Agreement. We train your group of candidates to deliver the McGrath Response System to supervisors, administrators, and staff within your organization.

A Certified McGrath Response System Instructor is Authorized under License to:

  • Conduct in-house training for administrators, supervisors, teachers and staff that can be tailored to the time and class size needs of the district.

  • Act as a McGrath Response System facilitator with learning communities or practitioners in your organization.

  • Provide on-site assistance, mentorship, and regular coaching

  • Have access to an online learning platform to deliver the courses

  • Be fluent in a framework that helps to determine what type of investigation is warranted site level or district

  • Understand the liability of district office and site administrators and staff for non-compliance with Federal and State statutes and District policies.

  • Implementing a uniform system throughout the organization.


The result is an organization-wide cultural shift in safety and accountability.

* Ask us about delivering the McGrath Response System at other districts in your state or across the country.

Follow-Up Trainings

What: 30-60 minute follow-up modules continue to provide awareness and education and build the school district culture around sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, bullying and discrimination prevention and reporting. A variety of training modules are available to build on the training offered.

Who: School staff and Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-makers, and anyone who facilitates an informal resolution process

Why: Be compliant with the new Title IX Final Rule which requires additional training each subsequent year after the initial training. Help improve your ability provide a safe and effective learning environment for staff and students.

Where: Online offerings in various lengths. Can be customized to meet your district needs.

Results: Stay up to date on latest state and federal regulations, Certification for completion of follow-up modules, Compliance with Final Rule, CEU credits

Student Training

Inform your students about what sexual harassment is and why they need to report it. Stay in compliance with the federal law. Offered by DVD and through online learning modules.

Pay Attention: What is Sexual Harassment (24 min)

Audience: Ages 11-19

A music television style video designed specifically for middle and high school students that shows what sexual harassment looks like and how it feels, through the use of powerful dramatizations and examples. Included is a curriculum guide with a review of sexual harassment laws and regulations, lesson plans, suggested student activities and reproducible handouts as well as a model student sexual harassment policy.

Pay Attention: Don’t be a Victim (17 min)

Audience: Ages 11-19

This video trains students in how to prevent harassment, as well as the proper steps to take if they have been sexually harassed by another student or adult in their school, or if they see it happening to someone else. A curriculum guide is included which reviews school site and district obligations. Also included is a teacher lesson plan with suggested student activities and reproducible handouts.



I attended my first McGrath Training approximately 5 years ago, soon after I was hired as the Employee Relations Specialist, conducting Sexual Harassment investigations for the Ysleta ISD. Ysleta currently serves nearly 50,000 students. It has 6000 administrators, teachers and staff and 58 campuses. I am a very confident investigator and trainer because I believe that I have been “armed” with the best information there is on these topics. The definitions are very clear and the examples are easy to relate to. There is nothing left to wonder about after attending a McGrath training and the Manual has all of the answers to the questions that may come about. The staff is friendly, courteous and prompt. My McGrath Manuals are my “Bibles” for investigation and training. When it comes to Sexual Harassment and Bullying investigations and training, I am McGrath.”

Cliffe James

Employee Relations Specialist

Ysleta Independent School District, El Paso, TX

With 46 school sites and 30,000 students, we wondered how to get our site administrators up to speed quickly and affordably, on sexual harassment prevention and intervention. We found the McGrath CyberSchool to be the perfect training tool in an era of tight budgets. It’s affordable and the quality is excellent.”

David Beaty
Title IX Coordinator
Horry County Schools

'The quality of the McGrath training leaves the participants equipped to spot bullying and harassment quickly. They are able to think through the important issues and take the best steps to conduct effective investigations."

Minnesota Department of Education


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