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compliance checks, policy updates,

climate surveys, best practices


Let our expert team help guide you through your legal obligations and the fields best practices to prevent and remedy sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination, bullying, and Title IX compliance and how to navigate employee performance issues, and dismissal/wrongful termination. We can help with projects big or small! Let us help your organization be in compliance with state and federal laws, before its too late.


Over the last 25 years, our training has helped more than 250,000 school district administrators and employees throughout the United States and Canada create safer and more effective K-12 environments. With more than 35 years experience, our team has served as an expert witness in over 100 court cases.


We provide prompt, reliable service and strive to meet the specific needs of every client we serve. We work collaboratively with our clients and are always available for questions. We can accommodate short deadlines, small budgets, and take pride in our excellent quality of work.


We provide an array of services for organizations and school districts including policy reviews, compliance checks, climate surveys, and reviews of best practices. Lean on our experience to make sure your organization is in compliance with state and federal laws. We are here to help!

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