McGrath Training Systems was founded in 1989 to educate school personnel in risk control and compliance practices that are legally fit and educationally sound. Our practical solutions empower people to bring both legal integrity and personal responsibility to their everyday school and work environments, while boosting employee and student performance.


Educators have made a profound difference in the lives of our team and we honor them deeply. That is why all McGrath programs have been designed to go far beyond teaching the minimum legal duty of safeguarding students and employees. The objective of our courses is to inspire the participants to bring forth their personal best and create a safe and responsive climate in which the real work of education can get done.


Those who participate in our programs:


• Learn Methods and Techniques to Identify and Avoid Harm and Liability


• Learn Practical, Easy-to-Use Tools for Effective Resolution


• Learn the Importance of Integrity in Every Process


• Act within a Framework of Personal and Organizational Growth


At McGrath, we have your back. We provide training solutions that shield educators and students from harm and liability and, most importantly, inspire participants to new levels of achievement, synergy and leadership in the school and work environment.



Over the last 25 years, our training has helped more than 250,000 school district administrators and employees throughout the United States and Canada create safer and more effective K-12 environments.

'The quality of the McGrath training leaves the participants equipped to spot bullying and harassment quickly. They are able to think through the important issues and take the best steps to conduct effective investigations."

Minnesota Deptartment of Education

“[McGrath's True-Speak program] allows us to speak the same language when it comes to building relationships, coaching and supervising others. … This system of communication has made its way into the culture of Long Beach Unified to build capacity and maintain healthy, professional relationships.”

Long Beach Unified School District
Long Beach, CA

"The implementation of the SUCCEED System has promoted a culture of accountability for our entire School District. Our leaders are more direct and factual in communication both verbally and in writing. Principals are improving teacher and employee performance and acknowledging when the job is well done. This system is now in the fabric of our daily practices and has been a major contributing factor in maintaining our reputation for high academic results. It has been a systemic, on-going change, not a one-stop staff development training. Some days I personally use the tool twenty times or more — for everything!”

Academy District 20
Colorado Springs, CO

"Using the SUCCEED System there are phenomenal gains from just a short verbal or written communication, done according to the constructive and principled model of the System. The McGrath system is the tool that moves people forward, in a streamlined and structured way. The principals develop the habit of acknowledging the positive and correcting the negative, leaving the human being on the other side intact in their personhood...

SUCCEED is a simple system with powerful results.”

Monterey County Office of Education
Salinas, CA

"Throughout all the years we’ve been doing training to improve the quality of performance, Mary Jo McGrath’s SUCCEED training is by far the best we have ever done. I can honestly say it is the only staff training and development that has resulted in a systemic change in how we supervise and evaluate employee performance. The quality of this program is unsurpassed. We initially implemented it twelve years ago, and in each succeeding year, our principals have found it increasingly useful.”

Mt. Lebanon School District
Mt. Lebanon, PA


MaryJo McGrath, JD

McGrath Training Solutions’ programs are based on intellectual material and methodology created and developed by MaryJo McGrath, JD,  Ms. McGrath has since 1980 been widely recognized for her groundbreaking transformational models and applications for leadership, communication, supervision, evaluation as well as safety in schools, particularly from sexual harassment, misconduct, bullying and discrimination.


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