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SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Communication System

A legally-sound and proactive communication system so you can lead with your heart, while thinking with your head.

Are your principals holding back from giving focused, constructive feedback because they fear how their staff might respond? 

Do your schools struggle with teacher retention, especially among their top performers?

Do you worry about potential liability issues arising from insufficient documentation or inconsistencies in your school's supervision and evaluation practices?

Are your schools' leaders craving an authentic way to lead and communicate with their staff?

Many principals and administrators have never been given the opportunity to master the communication, performance evaluation and supervisory components required for them to succeed in their roles and lead others to excellence. This causes issues with retention and engagement, and can even put the district at risk of litigation.


Our SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ program gives leaders the practical tools and skills they need to confidently lead others from their heart, while thinking with their head.


In her work as a school law attorney, our founder, MaryJo McGrath, began to wonder why schools so often encountered wrongful terminations lawsuits and other litigation. She began to develop courses to proactively address the gaps in skills and knowledge that she was seeing. At the beginning, she emphasized documentation for removing ineffective employees. Over time, she realized that this approach was leaving out most of the employees in terms of their growth and development. It was destructive to the workplace environment as a whole to focus only on the negative. So, she began to ask “How do we empower leaders, in their thinking and communicating, to create thriving organizations and strong, collaborative relationships?”


Today, our SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Communication System is a framework informed by law, behavioral science, and philosophy. It synthesizes these great bodies of knowledge and embeds them into a practical set of tools that your district’s leaders can learn, use and benefit from.


We offer a number of flexible courses for bringing SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ to your district or organization.

Our most popular course

Foundations Course (2 days, in-person or online)

A communication course for supervisors and managers where they learn effective and legally-defensible methods of communication, supervision, and evaluation. Participants receive our SPEAK formula and tools for providing feedback early and often, with a focus on employee growth and development.

Designed for: Administrators, Directors, Supervisors, Principals and Assistant Principals

Document, Discipline, Dismiss Course (1 day, in-person)

A condensed version of our popular Foundations course. Participants learn how to: 

  • Effectively deal with performance issues; 

  • Ensure compliance and due process;

  • Support discipline and termination decisions; and, 

  • Avoid wrongful terminations

Designed for: Administrators, Directors, Supervisors, Principals and Assistant Principals

Instructor Certification Course (3 days, in-person)

A train-the-trainer program that certifies a local instructor to conduct in-house training for your district's administrators, supervisors, teachers and staff. Certified local instructors are authorized to lead the following McGrath courses, as well as provide ongoing coaching and follow-up trainings: 

  • SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Foundations Course (2 day)

  • Frontline Communication Course (1 day) 

Designed for: Experienced trainers

Start Having Better, More Productive Conversations Today

Give your principals and supervisors the tools they need to provide constructive and proactive feedback at a low temperature - before issues have compounded, become patterns, or damaged relationships. Your team can be having better, more productive conversations with less effort and fewer delays.


Get started with SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ today.

Upcoming Training

We offer trainings across the US and Canada. Join one of our upcoming courses or contact us to schedule a training near you.

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