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Expert Witness

We provide expert witness work for school district liability cases including sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination, bullying, Title IX compliance, and employee performance

Count On Us

Let us help you review, analyze and synthesize all documents pertaining to your case. Our services include providing recommendations during discovery, development of questions for use in depositions and trial,  developing statements of opinion/expert reports, and testifying in depositions and trials. We can help help assess if negligence occurred and provide a rationale for that opinion, determine if the organization implemented appropriate prevention strategies for the conduct and any retaliation or re-occurrence, determine the adequacy of the response to the complaint, assess the quality of the investigation, evaluate the quality of the training offered, and assess policy, policy implementation and policy dissemination.

Top Experts

With more than 40 years of experience, our team has served as an expert witness in over 100 cases. We have the qualifications and the experience to support our rationales for each opinion.


We strive to meet the specific needs of every client we serve in a prompt and reliable way. We can accommodate short deadlines and take pride in our excellent quality of work.

Clear Communication

Our fact-based reports are clear, concise, and detailed. Each opinion is grounded by a deep understanding of state and federal laws. We understand how to navigate the cross examination process without letting emotions get in the way.

Trusted Expert
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Billie-Jo Grant PhD

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