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SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Instructor Certification

A train-the-trainer certification program for delivering McGrath programming in your district



For many K-12 school districts, a particularly high impact and cost-effective implementation approach is the use of a train-the-trainer model. 

Our train-the-trainer model builds your district's internal training capacity for the long run. Instead of relying on our trainers, you identify and develop several local subject matter experts who then become responsible for training other staff across the district. Each of your chosen candidates goes through our SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Instructor Certification course to become certified to deliver McGrath programming within your district.


This approach helps generate an organization-wide culture shift in leadership and strategic thinking, employee job satisfaction and increased student achievement. 

Upcoming Training

We offer trainings across the US and Canada. Join one of our upcoming courses or contact us to schedule a training near you.

"The SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK training has been one of the most practical and useful courses we have offered our administrators. The skills taught are immediately applicable in many aspects of a principal's daily life. We especially love the focus on developing stronger teachers and building positive relationships while still addressing struggling employees."

David Marotz, Principal

Fremont School District #215

How it Works

STEP 1. Identify your qualified instructor candidates.

It is essential to select competent and qualified trainers as candidates for your train-the-trainer program because they serve as the foundation for disseminating knowledge effectively within your district. Their expertise and proficiency will directly impact the quality of training across the organization. A well-chosen team of trainers ensures that training programs are engaging, relevant and aligned with your district's goals.

Candidate Prerequisites: 

  • Experienced HR and/or site-level administrators with supervisory experience

  • Professionals with experience conducting training and/or professional development

STEP 2. Each candidate attends the 3-day SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Instructor Certification course

During the 3-day course, each instructor candidate will perform teachbacks under the supervision of McGrath Expert Instructor(s) to help reinforce their understanding, receive feedback, and hone their ability to effectively convey the concepts to others.

STEP 3. Upon graduation, your local certified instructors get access to McGrath's instructor portal and begin delivering McGrath programming within your district

Each instructor candidate should deliver the SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Foundations Course to a group of at least five (5) participants within 6 months of their train-the-trainer Instructor Program.


Once certified, each McGrath Certified Local SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Instructor receives a 4-year license authorizing them to:

  • Receive access to McGrath's instructor portal containing course decks, training checklists and other important resources

  •  Conduct in-house training for your district's administrators, supervisors, teachers and staff for the following courses:

    • Foundations Course [2 days]​

    • Front-line Communication Course [1 day]

  • Provide on-site assistance, mentorship, regular coaching and review of work products for administrators and supervisors.

  • Deliver follow-up refresher trainings to staff who have already been trained in SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ courses to deepen their understanding and support implementation.

Benefits of a Train-the-Trainer Approach

In-House Expertise

Develop and empower your local certified instructors to help lead change within the district. Benefit from more in-house knowledge, expertise and resources for your staff and students.


Reduct external training expenses, saving cost and easily expanding efforts with district growth. A certified local instructor can deliver McGrath curriculum for 4 years and then may recertify.

Tailored Content

Certified local instructors may customize materials for district-specific or school-specific needs, boosting effectiveness.

Faster Adoption

Accelerate your implementation and system adoption by conducting multiple trainings simultaneously across your district.


Schedule training sessions with dates and durations that work for your professional development calendar. Instructors can deliver courses mid-year for new hires or enrollments.

Consistent Delivery

Using the same local instructor(s) ensures a consistent and high quality learning experiences for participants from schools across your district.

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