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SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ Foundations Course

A 2-day course for administrators and supervisors to learn authentic and legally-sound methods of communication, supervision and evaluation

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Course Overview

Participants learn effective and legally-defensible methods of communication, supervision, and evaluation so they can succeed in their supervisory roles and lead their staff to excellence.  

Leaders receive the practical tools and skills they need to confidently lead others – from their heart, while thinking with their head.

This Course will prepare supervisors and administrators to:

  • Utilize a 4-point logic system for thinking and communicating that correlates human relationship standards—trust, respect, understanding, and growth—with the rights and protections the law affords.

  • Provide tailored supervision and evaluation, giving honest feedback and focused direction.

  • Distinguish management’s right to supervise and remediate from the employees’ rights regarding evaluation procedures.

  • Raise staff morale and effect systemic change.

  • Communicate verbally and in writing, being factually based and legally sound, leaving nothing to be disputed.

Our most popular course – trusted by administrators across the US and Canada since 1983.

Results For Your School

When your administrators use the SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK System, the result is an organization-wide cultural shift in leadership and strategic thinking, employee job satisfaction, and increased student achievement.

Use of the SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ System

  • Increases employee engagement and retention

  • Reduces litigation risk

  • Facilitates collaborative, collegial interactions with employees

  • Supports professional growth

  • Fosters a culture of accountability

  • Builds employee competence

  • Enhances leadership skills

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Upcoming Trainings

We offer trainings across the US and Canada. Join one of our upcoming courses or contact us to schedule a training near you.

A Legally-Sound Framework

During the SUCCEED Foundations course, participants learn about treating people well while getting the job done no matter their activity. We define the legal terms due process, just cause, and fitness for service in everyday terms and explain what actions leaders can take. Participants leave the course able to think and communicate using our SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK™ tools.

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