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Communication Training for Educational Leadership - A Reflection with McGrath Training Solutions and Flip Steinour

McGrath Training Solutions is thankful for our team of dedicated local certified instructors across the United States and Canada. Our trainers bring a passion for the transformative power of effective communication and tailor our trainings to their local organizations.

Recently, we sat down with Flip Steinour, a seasoned professional in Human Resources and educational administration, who, for over 30 years, has been a driving force in shaping positive organizational culture. Join us as we delve into the insights and experiences of an advocate for change, who discovered the SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK program two decades ago and has been making a lasting impact ever since.

SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK is supervision, communication, and evaluation training for K-12 administrators. This course trains principals and supervisors to:

  • Use effective and legally-defensible approaches for communication, supervision, and evaluation.

  • Develop a culture of productive communication, trust, and respect.

  • Give proactive feedback early and often, before issues have festered.

Unveiling a Journey in Human Resources

Discovering the Path and Crafting a Vision

Flip Steinour began his career in Human Resources after college, driven by a desire to lead and learn. His early years in private industry provided a foundation, allowing him to refine his leadership vision. His pivotal move to public school administration 28 years ago marked the beginning of a journey dedicated to positively influencing education.

With a clear vision for the HR office, Flip embarked on a mission to refine and shape the organizational culture. His goal was set – create an environment where effective communication thrives, making HR a place not to be feared but embraced.

Embracing McGrath Training Solutions

The McGrath Encounter

 Flip's encounter with McGrath Training Solutions happened 20 years ago, during a state annual conference. The concepts presented resonated with him, who saw the potential for enhancing HR practices through improved communication. This encounter ignited a commitment to keep the transformative message alive within his organization.

Recognizing the need for uniform communication within his organization, Flip decided to become a McGrath SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK local certified trainer. Over the past two decades, Flip has trained countless administrators throughout IU13 and Pennsylvania, ensuring a shared language and a culture of effective communication.

Impacting Careers and Organizations

Fostering New Leadership

 Flip is the Assistant to the Executive Director at Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) and has been with IU13 since 2006. IU13 serves 22 public school districts, non-public schools, and education agencies in Lancaster-Lebanon. Being a trainer for his organization provided a unique opportunity for Flip to impact new leaders throughout IU13 positively. His commitment to training all new administrators, regardless of experience, has created a cohesive leadership team, all speaking the same language of effective communication. 

Learning and Growing

Success Stories

Flip’s impact has extended beyond IU13’s organizational boundaries. He shared how training beyond his organization has allowed him to connect with professionals from different backgrounds. He said, “Training outside of my organization has allowed me to learn more about how other organizations operate as well as get to know some folks who would eventually follow me to my IU based on my discussions of our organizational culture.”

McGrath Training Solutions: A Catalyst for Positive Change

Continuous Improvement:

 Dedicated trainers like Flip bring their feedback and suggestions for improvement back to McGrath. Throughout Flip’s 20-year tenure as a McGrath trainer, he has seen McGrath’s commitment to continuous improvement. Regular updates to the training program have refined the McGrath model, providing greater clarity and diverse perspectives to attendees. 

In over 30 years in Human Resources and 20 years with McGrath, the most significant lesson for Flip has been the power of positive communication. He said, “Without question, the impact of positive communication with staff has had the biggest impact.”  The ability to navigate both positive and challenging conversations with care and respect has been a crucial tool in creating lasting relationships.

Words of Wisdom

Career Advice & The McGrath Impact

Flip emphasized the importance of following one's passion. For him, the journey through educational administration and HR has been immensely rewarding, impacting more lives than he could have imagined in private industry roles.

The McGrath model has equipped Flip with the tools to communicate effectively, to acknowledge and encourage positive performance and to provide constructive feedback. The ability to handle improvement issues with care and respect has been a cornerstone of his success in human resources.


Flip Steinour's commitment to effective communication has not only shaped his career but has also left an indelible mark on the leaders he has trained and the organizations he has influenced. The SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK program continues to be a powerful system for those seeking to transform their leadership through the power of honest and authentic communication. Thank you, Flip, for your dedication to sharing SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK in IU13 and across Pennsylvania!

For more information about our training programs contact us at McGrath Training Solutions today. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in developing the communication skills needed to effectively deal with difficult employees and create a thriving work environment.


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