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Intake & Investigation
Foundations Course

A 2-day course that equips administrators, complaint managers, investigators, and Title IX coordinators to conduct thorough investigations

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Course Overview

The two-day Intake & Investigations Course provides everything administrators need to confidently take a complaint through its entire lifecycle (inquiry, full investigation and appeal/hearing). 

Participants who successfully complete the Intake and Investigation Course receive a certificate of completion that they are compliant with the 2020 Title IX Final Rule and are knowledgeable about the following:

  • The role and responsibilities of school administrators and the site-level complaint manager

  • Proactive approaches to warning signs and rumors

  • How to track and respond to rumors and patterns of victimization

  • How to conduct an environmental scan of the school population to identify multiple victims and witnesses

  • How to conduct effective interviews

  • A complete system of legally fit procedures, forms and analytical tools for investigation

  • Sensitivity to and appropriate interaction with the alleged victims, perpetrators, witnesses, community members and media during an investigation

Comply with 2020 Title IX Final Rule by ensuring your Designated Leaders know how to conduct a thorough investigation and reach appropriate determinations.

Results For Your School

The result is an organization-wide shift toward a culture of prevention and response.

Use of the McGrath Response System™

  • Simplifies the meeting of your compliance requirements, including federal laws, state regulations, and local policies

  • Safeguards students and staff

  • Deters offenders through effective training and response

  • Ensures the use of a consistent framework across your organization

  • Reduces litigation risk

  • Saves time, money, and resources through an effective processing sequence


Upcoming Trainings

We offer trainings across the US and Canada. Join one of our upcoming courses or contact us to schedule a training near you.

How is this training part of the McGrath Response System™?

The McGrath Response System™ is a system-wide approach for creating a culture of prevention and response and ensuring compliance with your district’s policies, state laws and federal regulations, including Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX.

It thoroughly addresses bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct with a single, easy-to-follow framework and set of tools. It covers student-to-student, student-to-staff, staff-to-student, and staff-to-staff issues and ensures your school or district is complying with the 2020 Title IX Final Rule.

The Intake & Investigation Foundations Course is a crucial element of the McGrath Response System™. It ensures your designated leaders, such as your investigators, decision-makers and complaint managers, have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for their roles.

With properly trained leaders ready to thoroughly investigate complaints, it’s important to engage your students and staff to help create a culture of ‘see something, say something.’

Our Staff and Student Awareness and Response Trainings explain what their rights are, what to report and whom to report to. Because all McGrath Courses leverage the same vocabulary and approaches, they reinforce one another and ensure consistency and cohesion across your school or district.

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