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Staff Awareness and 
Response Training

A 90-minute training that equips all school employees to recognize and respond properly to bullying, discrimination, harassment and misconduct


Teachers and staff should receive awareness and response training around sexual harassment and misconduct, discrimination and bullying to ensure the safety and well-being of students and colleagues, prevent harm, and fulfill legal and ethical obligations to create a secure learning and working environment.

Meet Title IX responsibilities by training a minimum of 50% of your staff each year to ensure they know how to respond to concerns and how to file a report.

Our 90-minute Staff Awareness and Response Training teaches staff how to identify the early warning signs of behaviors such as sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and bullying and how to make a report,

Participants will receive a certification for their course completion and CEUs may be offered. 

Participants will be knowledgeable in the following: 

  • Definitions and examples of bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and misconduct (staff-to-student, student-to-student, student-to-staff, and staff-to-staff)

  • Recognize common behaviors that may be questionable and should be avoided

  • How to identify early warning signs

  • How to identify and respond to behaviors that appears to cross the line or makes them uncomfortable

  • How and what to report to appropriate authorities

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Results For Your School

Staff education is a critical part of creating a culture of prevention and response, helping safeguard both students and staff and helping deter offenders. 

McGrath's Staff Awareness and Response Training

  • Educates your staff so they understand their responsibilities, know signs of what to look for, and can take appropriate action

  • Provides consistent terminology with our other McGrath Response System™ courses, promoting clarity and understanding among staff, students, complaint managers, and investigators

  • Adheres to local regulations and state statutes, mitigating the potential legal risks for your school or district.

How is this training part of the McGrath Response System™?

The McGrath Response System™ addresses bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct with a single response system. It provides a straight-forward processing flow and easy-to-use forms for ensuring compliance with your district’s policies, state laws and federal regulations, including Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX. 

The Staff Awareness and Response Training is vital for fostering a culture of 'see something, say something.' Your staff play a crucial role in safeguarding students and maintaining a safe learning and working environment within your school or district. Well-trained staff are better equipped to identify and address issues promptly, ensuring early intervention and proper escalation. With tailored trainings for key stakeholder groups provided by the McGrath Response System™, your entire community can receive comprehensive training and adopt standardized terminology. This fosters unity and consistency in your approach to addressing safety concerns.

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