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End of the Year Evaluations

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

End of the year evaluations almost always have one of two reactions for most supervisor: dread or delay. No one likes the conflict or the paperwork associated with reviews. Very few people like the idea of telling someone they’re not doing well. Not everyone is even trained on HOW to do end of the year reviews for the folks they supervise. In 2020, the added stress of COVID can make it even harder when you haven’t interacted with your employees the same way as before! Fear not though, this doesn’t have to be the worst part of a manager or supervisor’s job! Here are some tips to make this year’s end of the year reviews a little easier:

Be Prepared.

  • Find last year’s goals (if applicable) and review them.

  • Speak with coworkers beforehand, especially for employees you don’t get to observe on a daily basis.

  • Have a copy of the job description, company goals, or other written material.

  • Read through these examples of powerful reviews for inspiration!

Write from the Heart and the Head.

  • Find positive feedback along with any feedback that’s negative.

  • Write with good in mind - the intention of this review should be helping your employee grow and benefit from the interaction.

  • Separate personal/personality conflicts as much as possible. If needed, ask another manager to help with the review to read for bias.

During the Meeting

  • Recognize the good things this employee has done.

  • Remember this should be a conversation (allow time for the employee to give honest feedback or request clarification).

  • Set new goals for the year.

One of the strongest ways to have effective year-end performances is to consistently communicate goals and expectations throughout the entire year. An end of the year evaluation shouldn’t ever be a surprise to the employee, they should already know how they’re doing! If you’re looking for ways to enhance this process with McGrath Training Solutions TRUE-SPEAK training managers and leaders will receive the practical tools and skills they need to confidently lead others - from their heart, while thinking with their head. You can cut out a lot of the dread around end of the year evaluations when you know how to Provide tailored supervision and evaluation, giving honest feedback and focused direction. If you’re interested please let contact us and we’d be happy to help 2021 be the best year for you and your employees:


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