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Fairness in Record Keeping

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

One of the many roles of administrators is providing feedback to their staff to promote growth.

Job performance feedback works best when done in writing. This ensures that all parties are clear on what was said, what action(s) will take place, and if there’s any changes in personale or management they can look back to see what was said. If there are any questions, record keeping can answer them. Recording an employee's pattern of behavior assists with future communication and helps to track success. You can also use these records as evidence if any negative behaviors continue further.

Employees should be aware of the process for performance reviews. Any disciplinary actions and details must remain confidential. Of course, we believe that reviews should never be surprising as great managers and leaders talk to their employees regularly about their performance.

Once you’ve had a performance review or a disciplinary meeting and have written up everything, make sure that you’re following the legal procedures for fair record keeping.

For materials to be placed in a personnel file, the following must exist:

  • The employee must be informed that the material exists and is being retained.

  • The employee must be informed of his or her right to comment in writing and have the comment included with the original material.

  • The above two items must be done in a timely fashion (usually within 5-10 days of when the material is creative).

  • The source of the information cannot be anonymous or unidentified to the employee.

Following these simple steps ensure fair record keeping and protect both your company or organization and protect the personal information of your employees. Having a systematic and fair system in place when dealing with employee performance can increase employee retention and increase effective communication.

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Editors' note: This article is general in nature and is not intended to replace professional, legal advice.


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