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Leadership Training and What It Can Do For Your Company or Institution

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that companies with fewer than 100 employees gave only 12 minutes of manager training every six months. Companies that have 100-500 employees got the worse end of the bargain, putting up with only 6 minutes of management training every six months. This shocking statistic can be seen in most workplaces as new leaders, supervisors, and managers often struggle with their roles. This leads to ineffective teams, breakdowns in communication, loss of productivity, and lack of motivation.

While it may seem simple, many companies fail to train “soft skills” or the skills that help their employees take over leadership roles. A recent LinkedIn report said that one of the number one topics for training was leadership and management. Few people want to be a bad boss, but many people lack the proper education on how to be a good one. That’s where a good training program like McGrath’s TRUE-SPEAK Communication program can help.

Why Do Leadership & Management Training?

  • Attract Qualified Quality Employees. 68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. 87% of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities were very important. (Source.)

  • Increase Employee Retention. LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Trends reported that 94% of employees would stay longer in companies that are willing to invest in their professional development. (Source.)

  • Fight Employee Disengagement. Rapt Media says more than $500 billion is lost every year due to employee disengagement. Disengaged employees don’t work as hard as those who are committed to your company. One of the top reasons for engagement? Investing in skill building. (Source).

Not All Training Is Created Equal. Not all training is effective in helping you retain your employees, boosting company productivity, and saving you time and money. Some research shows that businesses can lose up to $13.5 million each year for every 1000 employees on ineffective training. That’s where TRUE-SPEAK Communication comes in. Our training program not only teaches valuable communication skills for leaders, supervisors, and managers, but it also has proven again and again to be applicable and sustainable in organizations and companies all over the United States in different industries. We teach your amazing employees how to create a culture of accountability where there’s no room for error. The result is an organization-wide cultural shift in leadership and strategic thinking, employee job satisfaction, and increased team achievement. If you’re interested in how we can bring this training to your team or company please contact us:


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