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Sexual Misconduct Can Happen at Your School: Here’s What to Do About It

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It’s easy to believe that sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse can’t happen at your school. Yet, time and again we’ve seen teachers and staff accused and found guilty of sexually abusing, harassing, or assaulting a student (or students). Most recently a teacher in Iowa was arrested for communicating with a minor to obtain sexual contact. In Texas, another teacher was charged with sexual assault for her relations with two students. In Colorado, a teacher has been charged with four felonies for inappropriate relationship with a 13 year old girl.

The long-term negative consequences of such actions are often crippling to the victim, they are financially draining to the school, and litigious to all parties involved. There’s also a loss of trust that families put in the school and a fear amongst students that they are no longer safe. The best way to try and prevent sexual misconduct at your school? Implement evidence-based strategies that are compliant with Title IX guidelines. Once there’s a clear, objective path to reporting and dealing with sexual harassment, abuse, or assault that every student, parent, teacher, staff member and administrator knows -- it’s less likely that those behaviors will occur. When the policies and procedures are unclear, inconsistent or not followed, incidents like the ones in Iowa, Texas and Colorado can occur. Especially when you’re not diligent with protecting your students from predatory teachers.

What specifically can help prevent sexual misconduct and abuse at your school?

  • address reported inappropriate behavior immediately before it continues or spreads

  • conduct prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations

  • take immediate and appropriate corrective action

  • have staff-wide training and messaging that gives everyone a clear pathway to reporting sexual abuse, harassment, or assault.

Protect your students, staff, and school from the negative consequences of sexual harassment and abuse. McGrath Training Solutions is a trusted leader in training school employees and leadership in the Intake and Investigation of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and bullying concerns and complaints. Be proactive before there is a problem at your school. Learn more at

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