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The McGrath Response System: Going Beyond Compliance

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Do you currently have training for staff and designated leaders to meet Title IX compliance requirements?

Do you provide your employees with a chance to practice reporting and investigations?

Is the training customized to include a message from your district leadership and does it include your districts policies, Title IX Coordinator and Reporting information?

Do you have a single reporting and investigation system for sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination and bullying complaints?

Many Title IX Compliance trainings do a good job of providing an overview of the new regulations. Participants walk away with a technical understanding of the definitions of sexual harassment, the grievance process, and their responsibility to report. But they don’t walk away with knowing how to report in their own district.

What you may be missing and where McGrath may be able to help, is giving your employees a chance to practice reporting and providing them with tools for how to make a report and conduct an investigation.  The unique strength of The McGrath Response System is that it provides a single system that combines the laws on sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination and bullying so that people are not juggling different approaches. The McGrath System provides the “how” of reporting including example cases, forms, and checklists and does away with having separate trainings and systems for each of these issues. McGrath provides a consistent, easy-to-use system for your staff members and designated leaders that is legally fit and educationally sound. 

Compliance trainings are usually very technical and difficult for your general staff to understand. At McGrath, we removed some of the legal language and replacing with more layman terminology so it doesn’t create any confusion but is still compliant with the laws. Our Staff Awareness and Response course is set up to comply with the laws, but use less legal terminology so staff members can more easily absorb the materials.

The McGrath Response System can help streamline your trainings and response systems, while still complying with the new Title IX regulations.

Our updated and expanded compliance programs are fully compliant with the new Title IX regulations and are being offered online. We offer two courses for school employees:

  1. an intake and investigation course for Title IX/Admin/Decision Makers, provides everything needed to confidently take a complaint through its entire lifecycle (inquiry, full investigation and hearing) (10 hrs)

  2. a staff awareness and response training (90 min) 

We also have a student training and are developing a platform to manage cases/investigations that will be ready in November.

Don't settle for just "checking the box." Give your employees the tools they need and a chance to practice so they are ready to respond to complaints when they come up.


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